Please visit http://www.peartreepictures.co.uk .

Ian Southworth has been involved in photography and retouching for around 20 years. Having finished college in 1988 he immediately trained as an advertising retoucher and was one of the first to use photoshop software to achieve some outstanding and award winning ad campaigns. Peartree Pictures was founded in 2005 and since then we have won a number of awards and featured in numerous wedding magazines.

Wayne Parker is a freelance photographer who became involved with Peartree Pictures in 2007. With a background of 15 years as a documentary and repoartage photographer his style and enthusiam fitted perfectly with the Peartree Pictures approach. He also regularly holds exhibitions at his studio of his personal work.

Peartree Pictures are able to provide an almost unique service of wedding photography. With a documentary and contemporary approach we aim to capture all the fun, emotion and narrative of the day in a way that is both unobtrusive and relaxed. We realise that all weddings are different and strongly believe that wedding photography should be discreet, stylish and beautiful.

In 2008 Peartree Pictures joined the WPJA which is one of the world’s most highly regarded professional wedding photography organisations. What sets their members apart is their critically acclaimed reportage, documentary approach and less than 5% of wedding photographers are accepted. Since joining them Peartree Pictures have been awarded a 1st and 2nd place in their documentary contests and are now considered to be amongst the top 10 wedding photojournalists in the UK.

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